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The Time Has Come…

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Here’s a business well worth visiting, right in Dover NH  Penny University Coffee House. It’s in the Dover Point Office Park and they have the most yummy coffee! Most local coffee is mediocre but this guy is a coffee magician! pass it on…and stop by to get coffee. It’s a great place to meet and […]

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Like Us!

Did you know that we have a Facebook page also? Our Facebook and Twitter info and comments are located on the right side of the website. Go to Facebook, Foxfire Studio Inc. Tattoo and “like” us to see new posts with pictures. Check out Pat’s pages!  Steve has samples of his knife making process also. […]

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Pat’s illustration 20yr anniversary for MTG

Pat started doing Magic the Gathering cards early on, and is now part of this project. Check out the page, share it, like it and keep going back to see how it all progresses. It’s going to be an awesome artbook with alot of the first artists work. Some of the original cards shown and […]

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Repair Site

Steve has a new site for Eyeglass Repair. He repairs broken metal eyeglasses. Check it out if you have broken glasses, certainly cheaper than buying new, or he’ll fix your spare pair. These repairs require a short turn around and is a mail in service. Check out his New England Eyeglass Repair page for more […]

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Welcome to Foxfire Studio~~~~ 603-750-4113

Here at Foxfire Studio  Pat will design something that’s unique for you as an art collector, and you know you won’t see the exact same thing anywhere else. Pat offers a variety of design services and price points; from logo design to spot illustration. Paintings can be commissioned in a variety of subject matter: portraits, […]

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